Voluntary Participation (IPS) Auto Enrollment System (AES) Funds Legislation Data Center


Establishment and Purpose

Emeklilik Gözetim Merkezi A.S. (“EGM”), whose headquarters are based in Istanbul, was established on July 10, 2003 pursuant to Individual Pension Savings and Investment System Law No. 4632 and to relevant legislation upon the authorization and authorization of the Undersecretariat of the Treasury.

The Pension Monitoring Center was established for the following purposes, pursuant to Article 20/A of Law No. 4632 and relevant legislation upon the authorization and delegation of the Undersecretariat of Treasury:

  • Ensure the safe and effective operation of the individual pension system,

  • Oversee the operations of pension companies and individual pension intermediaries to protect participants' rights and interests,

  • Build a monitoring and supervision system and report results to public authorities,

  • Maintain and consolidate electronic data on individual pension accounts; pension plans; participants and contracts,

  • Provide information to the public and participants,

  • Produce statistics,

  • Perform individual pension intermediaries' registry and exam transactions,

  • Fulfill other duties delegated regarding life insurance and other insurance branches.