Voluntary Participation (IPS) Auto Enrollment System (AES) Funds Legislation Data Center

State Contribution

State contribution is the 30-percent state-paid part of the contributions you pay for your individual or group individual contract. A participant can benefit from the state contribution for the contribution payments up to the total amount of the gross minimum wage determined for the relevant year within a calendar year. The contribution amount to be paid in order to benefit from the 2024 state contribution upper limit is 240,030 TL. Contribution payments exceeding the aforementioned limit will be considered in the calculation of the State contribution as carryover contribution shares transferred to the company accounts on the first day of each year. The state contribution shall not be paid for the contributions made on your behalf by your employer.

The Pension Monitoring Center shall calculate the contribution based on the data provided by the pension companies.

The state contribution amount shall be paid into your account on the month following the month when the contribution was sent in cash to your pension company account.

You shall be entitled to state contributions into your individual pension state contribution account in the following ratios:

  • 15 percent, if you stay in the system for at least 3 years,
  • 35 percent, if you stay in the system for at least 6 years,
  • 60 percent, if you stay in the system for at least 10 years,
  • 100 percent in the event of retirement, death or disability.

You can receive state contribution within a limit for all your payments under the categories of regular, additional or initial contribution. The amounts that are sent through accumulation transfer by becoming vested from a foundation and retirement fund, or from another pension company or noncontributory group contract shall not be taken into account in the state contribution account.

You can monitor your state contribution amount from the BES Mobile application, provided by the Pension Monitoring Center, which you can log in to via e-State and the websites of the pension company or Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank Inc. You can learn your remaining State contribution limit for the relevant year via the BES Mobile application which is provided by the Pension Monitoring Center or the e-State service.