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Fund Performance Assessment System

The Fund Performance Assessment Committee (FPAC) is made up of seven members, i.e. one from the Pension Monitoring Center (PMC), and three from each of the Insurance, Reinsurance, and Pension Companies of Turkey (IAT), and the Turkish Capital Markets Association (TCMA). FPAC decisions are made by majority of votes, and presided over by the PMC representative.

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The duties of the FPAC are summarized below:

  • Assessing and determining the comparison groups submitted by the PMC,
  • Determining the minimum number of funds to be included in each comparison group,
  • Defining a new grouping methodology for the funds that cannot be included in the comparison group, or in the event of failure to create a group due to the number of funds, or deciding on considering such funds individually without including them in a group,
  • Processing and resolving the objections of the founders of funds to decisions of the FPAC.

Work Program for 2019